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      1. 保定秀蘭飯店


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        • 地址:保定市樂凱南大街388號
        • 電話:0312-3277888
        • 傳真:0312-3277999
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        Xiu lan Hotel Service Guide

        酒店簡介 Hotel Introduction
        秀蘭飯店 —— 坐落于古城保定市區中心西南,地處競秀區樂凱南大街388號。占地面積 12000平米。是按國際五星級標準興建的大型豪華商務酒店。
        Xiulan Hotel located at NO. 388 Lekai south street, the southwest of downtown Baoding city. The hotel area is about 12.000 sq., which is a large luxury business hotel built according to the international five star standard..
        The hotel has all kinds of well-equipped luxury business rooms, using the hotel intelligent management system with all that make the guest feel fresh, comfortable and elegant. The hotel international conference center can accommodate 600 people, can offer different sizes and types business meetings. The hotel Chinese restaurant can hold large banquets for about 600 people at the same time. The hotel fitness club is 3000 square meters, include a large indoor standard swimming pool with constant temperature, and a fitness center. The hotel adopts the latest intelligent check-in network system, fire control system ,24-hour security monitoring system and 24-hour full security patrol to ensure our guests safe and comfortable stay. The main building of the hotel is a Gemini conjoined building sitting west to east, north and south. It is composed of 17 floors above the ground of the South Tower (Block A), which is 87 meters high and 20 stories high of the North Tower (Block B),98 meters high, six-story skirt building and two underground floors. The total building area of the hotel is 41285 square meters. Xiulan Hotel with its advanced facilities, elegant environment and excellent service will make every guests get the real five-star enjoyment!

        賓客須知Guests Guidelines

        According to the regulations of the local Public Security Bureau, every resident should show valid credentials to prove his/her identity.
        According to the regulations of Public Security Bureau, all the visitors need show the ID card and register at the Front Desk, Visitors should not stay in the room from 23:00 to 07:00. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your cooperation.
        No pets are allowed to be brought into the Hotel.
        No inflammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive or other dangerous articles are allowed to be carried into the hotel.
        It is forbidden to use of the electrical equipment such as electrical heaters, electrical stoves, microwave ovens, ect. and also the Install electrical appliances without permission are also no suggested in the guest room .
        Illegal and criminal activities such as fighting, gambling, drug use or prostitution are strictly prohibited.
        The authorities of the Hotel have the right to refuse service to anyone who has violated the Regulations mentioned above. Those who violate the “Republic Relating to the Public Order, Administration and Punishment of the People’s Republic of China” or other administrative laws will be punished by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law. To those who have violated the “ Criminal Laws of the People’s Republic of China” the public Security and Judicial Bureau will investigate and affix their responsibilities for the crime in accordance with the law.
        餐飲服務Food & Beverage
        中餐廳(保定會館)Chinese Restaurant (Baoding Hui Guan)
        Baoding Hui Guan located on the first, second and third floors of the hotel, its Zhili cuisine has a great national reputation which been rooted in the profound regional food characteristics of Baoding. It is reputed as a museum that can be eaten, allowing people to enjoy delicious food while feeling the cultural charm of ancient Baoding.
        營業時間:Business Hours
        午餐11:30-14:00;Lunch Time: 11:30—14:00
        晚餐17:30-21:00 : Dinner Time:17:30---21:00
        內線服務電話:Extension NO.: 6999
        Reservation Telephone:0312----3211111

        秀蘭坊西餐廳 Xiulan Fang Western Restaurant
        The Xiulan Fang Western Restaurant is located on the second floor of the north annex.
        We have pure Europeanize atmosphere, delicious European and Southeast Asia food, every guest will enjoy the meal here.
        營業時間:Business Hours
        早餐Breakfast Time 6:30-9:30、午餐Lunch Time11:30-14:00、晚餐Dinner Time18:00-21:30.
        送餐服務:24小時提供 Room Service: 24 hours
        內線服務電話“6677” Extension NO.: “6677”
        外線預定電話:“0312-3201077” Reservation Telephone:0312----3201077
        大堂吧 Lobby Bar
        位于大堂前臺后方,精致典雅的環境,周到細致的服務,將使您忘卻旅途的勞累,盡享溫馨與暢快。The lobby bar is located behind the reception desk where so elegant and comfortable and you may forget your tired and enjoy it.
        營業時間8:00-23:00 Business Time:8:00-23:00
        內線服務電話:“6885” Extension NO.: “6885”
        健身、娛樂服務 Recreation Center
        秀蘭商務健身會所 Xiulan Recreation Center
        The recreation center is located at the north annex. We offer the indoor thermostatic swimming pool, yoga, table tennis, and a variety of fitness equipment, advanced equipment and facilities are to ensure your health and exercises, the humanized service and warm environment also make tired you relaxed and happy to enjoy the fun of leisure and sports.
        營業時間:8:00-22:00 Business Time:8:00-22:00
        內線服務電話:“6688”Extension NO.: “6688”

        會議服務Conference Service
        The hotel conference center can accommodate 600 people at the same time for business meetings of different sizes and types, with the multi-function hall, lecture hall, conference hall I, Conference hall II, VIP lounge, etc., which can meet the needs of different guests.
        內線服務電話:“6668” Extension NO.: “6668”
        外線預定電話:“0312-3201055” Reservation Telephone:0312----3201055
        客房服務 Housekeeping Service
        The hotel has 227 well-equipped luxury business rooms and special rooms such as tea ceremony rooms, lovers rooms, family rooms, barrier-free rooms and apartment suites, which can meet the needs of different groups of guests.
        The rooms all adopt the intelligent management system and all that make the guest feel fresh, comfortable and elegant which give the guests feeling at home.
        The hotel offers convenient, efficient and high-quality service for long-term business peoples such as the “ Hospitality Show room Service” and “Red list Guests Check Out No Check-room Service”.
        自助洗衣服務Self Laundry Service
        酒店設有自助洗衣間,位于B座7層718房間,為您提供洗衣、熨燙等一系列的自助洗衣服務,讓您感受到家外之家的方便與溫馨。Xiulan Hotel offer Self Laundry Service room which is located at 718 room on the 7th floor Tower B, you can washing and ironing here, we hope it could make you more convenient.
        擦鞋服務Shoeshine Service
        酒店提供免費擦鞋服務,如有需要,請致電“9” 與總機聯系,我們會及時為您提供服務。
        Free Shoe Shine Service is available. Please contact Service Centre at “ 9” , we at your service anytime.
        叫醒服務Wake-up Call
        酒店為您提供叫醒服務,如有需要,請致電“9” 與總機聯系,我們會及時為您提供服務。
        Please contact operator at extension “9 ” for your wake-up call arrangement. we at your service anytime.
        請勿打擾Do Not Disturb
        如果您不希望被打擾時,請掛出客房的“請勿打擾”牌。如果您不希望被電話打擾,請致電“9”與總機聯系。Please put the “ Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle to inform the room attendant do not disturb. If you want to have your calls screened or not to be disturb by some telephone calls, please contact the operator at the extension “ 9” .
        失物招領 Lost And Find
        對于客人的遺留物品,如需查找,請致電“9” 與總機聯系,我們會及時為您提供服務 if needed please call “ 9” to find it. If there is no one to take it, the hotel has the right to dispose it.
        加床服務Extra Bed
        如您需要加床服務請致電“9” 與總機聯系,我們會及時為您提供服務。
        If you need Extra Bed please call “ 9” .
        留言服務Voice Messages
        如您房間電話訊號燈亮時,表示您有語音留言,請按留言鍵聽取留言,如需幫助,請致電“9” 與總機聯系,我們會及時為您提供服務。
        The message light on your phone will blink to indicate you have a message. Please press message button to receive the message, if you need any help please call “ 9” .
        The hotel provides mini bar drinks and snacks. Your consumption will be charged to your bill according to the price on the list. If you need to increase your consumption, please call "9" ,we will provide timely service for you.
        一次性用品Disposable Articles
        The hotel offer One—time Use Tailored for free, such as tooth brush, comb, vanity kit, Slippers, Shoe polishing, body lotion, soap, shower cap and razor. please use it as you need.

        順利疏散Safe Escape
        The hotel is equipped with perfect fire fighting facilities to ensure the safety of guests. please refer to the "emergency evacuation instruction chart" behind the door of the room to familiarize yourself with the emergency evacuation route. Please call " 9" to contact the switchboard and inform us of your location if there is the fire.
        行政樓層 Executive Floor
        The executive floor Located on the 17th to 19th floors of tower B, the hotel provide reception, inquiry, negotiation, Internet computer, tea break, western snacks and other services here.前臺服務
        商務中心Business Center
        位于一樓,為您提供專業的商務服務,包括打字、復印、傳真、快遞、航空票務、國際互聯網、書報閱讀等。Business Center is located on the first floor aside of the lobby. It provides a wide range of services including typing, fax, courier service, ticketing, Internet service, magazine and newspaper, etc.
        營業時間:7:00-22:30 Business Time:7:00—22:30
        內線服務電話:“8886” Extension NO.: “8886”
        酒店傳真:“0312-3277999”Fax: “0312--3277999”
        貴重物品存儲Storage of Valuables

        All rooms are equipped with small safes. For safety reasons, please store your valuables in the room safety box. The lobby reception desk can also store your valuables for free.
        退房時間Check--Out Time
        The Check—out time is 13:30 pm., if you require an extend of your stay or late Check—out, please kindly contact the Front Desk at extension “ 8880” .
        外幣兌換 Currency Exchange
        如您需要外幣兌換請到前臺辦理。Foreign currencies can be exchanged at Front Desk in the lobby.
        無障礙設施Accessibility Facilities
        本酒店設有無障礙客房,一樓設有無障礙洗手間。如需要輪椅,請致電“8880”與前臺聯系,我們會及時為您提供服務。The hotel offer the barrier-free guest room which is on the tower B and barrier-free toilet on the first floor. If you need a wheelchair, please call "8880" and contact the front desk. We will provide service in time.
        客房內線電話Room—to—Room Call
        For 7—9 Floor please dial “ 8 ” followed by the room number. For 10—19 Floor please dial the room number directly.
        撥打市內電話 How to make a local call
        拿起話筒,請先撥“0”,再撥電話號碼。Dial “ 0” first then dial the number you want.
        客房設有國際直撥電話(IDD)及國內直撥電話(DDD)服務。Each guest room is equipped with International Direct Dialing (IDD) and Domestic Direct Dialing(DDD).
        直撥國際電話How to make a International Direct Dial Call(IDD)
        Press “ 0 ” + DDD code +area code + local telephone number
        例如:撥一個到日本東京的電話,“0+00+81+335856962”E.g.: If you want to make a call to Tokyo, you need do as below, press
        國際編碼 日本國家代碼 日本區域編碼 日本電話碼
        IDD code DDD code Area Code local Number
        00 81 3 35856962

        國家 Country 國家區號 Country Codes
        澳大利亞 Australia 61
        巴 西 Brazil 55
        加拿大 Canada 1
        丹 麥 Denmark 45
        埃 及 Egypt 20
        法 國 France 33
        德 國 Germany 49
        希 臘 Greece 30
        中國香港 Hong Kong 852
        印 度 India 91
        印 尼 Indonesia 62
        愛爾蘭 Ireland 353
        意大利 Italy 39
        日 本 Japan 81
        中國澳門 Macao 853
        馬來西亞 Malaysia 60
        墨西哥 Mexico 52
        緬 甸 Myanmar 95
        新西蘭 New Zealand 64
        北朝鮮 North Korea 850
        挪 威 Norway 47
        巴基斯坦 Pakistan 92
        菲律賓 Philippines 63
        新加坡 Singapore 65
        韓 國 South Korea 82
        西班牙 Spain 34
        瑞 士 Switzerland 41
        中國臺灣Taiwan 886
        泰國 Thailand 66
        美國 American 1
        英國 United Kingdom 44
        如果您需要查詢其它區域或國家編碼,請致電“9”與總機聯系。For other area and country codes, which is not on the list, please call “ 9” for assistance.
        please note that some countries may not have IDD access.
        In some countries, the area code may begin with “0”which should be omitted.
        There may be a waiting period up to 20 second before your line is connected.
        It is advisable to write down the complete number before dialing to avoid errors.
        After completing your call, please ensure the handset is replaced securely on the telephone set.
        直撥國內電話How to make a Domestic Direct Dial Call(DDD).
        1.拿起話筒, 請先撥“0”,然后撥區域編碼,然后撥當地電話號碼。
        1.Press “ 0” + area code + local telephone number
        例如:撥一個到廣州的電話,“0+020+ 23456789”
        E.g.: If you want to make a call to Guangzhou, you need do as below, press
        廣州區域編碼 廣州電話號碼
        020 23456789
        Area Code Local Number
        城市 Cities 區號Area Codes
        石家莊 Shijiazhuang 0311
        保定 Baoding 0312
        承德Chengde 0314
        唐山 Tangshan 0315
        長春 Changchun 0431
        吉林Jilin 0432
        長沙 Changsha 0731
        湘潭XiangTan 0732
        太原Taiyuan 0351
        大同Datong 0352
        呼和浩特Huhehaote 0471
        包頭Baotou 0472
        沈陽Shenyang 024
        大連 Dalian 0411
        廣州Guangzhou 020
        汕頭Shantou 0754
        深圳Shenzhen 0755
        珠海Zhuhai 0756
        哈爾濱Haerbin 0451
        齊齊哈爾Qiqihaer 0452
        合肥Hefei 0551
        黃山Huangshan 0559
        福州 Fuzhou 0591
        武漢 Wuhan 027
        神農架Shennongjia 0719
        濟南 Jinan 0531
        青島Qingdao 0532
        景德鎮Jingdezhen 0798
        昆明Kunming 0871
        曲靖Qujing 0874
        拉薩Lasa 0891
        西安Xian 029
        延安Yanan 0911
        蘭州Lanzhou 0931
        嘉峪關Jiayuguan 0937
        銀川Yinchuan 0951
        西寧Xining 0971
        格爾木Geermu 0979
        鄭州 Zhengzhou 0371
        洛陽 Luoyang 0379
        南昌 Nanchang 0791
        南京 Nanjing 025
        蘇州 Suzhou 0512
        揚州 Yangzhou 0514
        杭州 Hangzhou 0571
        溫州 Wenzhou 0577
        南寧Nanning 0771
        桂林 Guilin 0773
        ???Haikou 0898
        成都Chengdu 028
        綿陽 Mianyang 0816
        貴陽Guiyang 0851
        遵義 Zunyi 0852
        秦皇島Qinghuangdao 0335
        烏魯木齊Wulumuqi 0991
        伊犁 Yili 0999
        廈門 Xiamen 0592
        臺北 Taibei 02